Our menu 

A healthy, nutritionally and balanced nursery menu 


Parents & Children say:

“When asking L what he loves most about nursery he said: Mum I love the food”

Ofsted say:

”Children receive well balanced home cooked meals, the nursery cook involves the children in planning menu’s and listens to their comments about their likes and dislikes”

We say:

"At Stonehouse Childcare we provide a morning and afternoon snack and a home cooked two course lunch as applicable. We pride ourselves in providing a healthy, nutritionally balanced menu that takes into consideration local and season produce and children’s preferences. The menu is varied throughout the year and special ‘one off’ meals are added for various celebrations, or in line with the current thread. With on-site fruit trees and designated ‘growing’ beds the children have the opportunity to grow and eat their own produce, including apples, pears, pumpkins, cabbages and beans."

If you would like to know more about the day to day nursery menu, call us in Leyland on
01772 435 529

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